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Fly fishing vacation in Austria

Fly fishing, culinary highlights, and wellness in 4-star Naturhotel Tandler

Everything a fly fisherman could possibly desire: Naturhotel Tandler combines fly fishing in our own fishing waters, exquisite cuisine, wellness after an exciting excursion, and perfect 4-star service. 

Fly fishing: fishing with a refined throwing technique

Fly fishing is the artistic form of fishing and is rightly called the "supreme discipline" - a true passion with which you can especially enjoy a closeness to nature. The bubbling and splashing of the Schwarzach, the Alpine sun, and a view of the mountain peaks in the Hohe Tauern National Park - away from the hustle and bustle - is all yours from the end of May to the end of October

Fliegenfischer Revier Tandler

When the lure enticingly floats on the water surface, there is hardly a fish that can resist such a temptation. With fly fishing, the lure plays an important role, because it imitates the natural favorite foods of trout, grayling, etc. - including mayflies or small crustaceans. The big difference from "normal" fishing is the throwing technique of fly fishing. The lure is placed on the water surface by means of a power snap, roll cast, curve cast, or underhand cast. For this, you will often use floating lines that won't sink in the water.


For your first fly fishing excursion in East Tyrol, you don't need much: good bait, a fly rod made of carbon fiber, precise fly reels, and breathable chest waders are almost enough to get you your first catch!

Our exclusive fishing area in East Tyrol

Fliegenfischen in Osttirol

Only 100 m from Naturhotel Tandler, you will find the best places for fishing in the hotel's own fishing area. The fishing waters extend over ca. 15 km and are exclusively available to our guests. You can fish on both banks of the river.

Our fishing area is between 5 - 15 m wide and includes the main river, the Schwarzach, as well as both ruggedly romantic side streams, the Troyeralmbach and Bruggeralmbach. The Schwarzach offers a 7 km long area for fly fishing, and the Troyeralmbach and Bruggeralmbach offer an additional 8 km. If this still isn't enough: the Hohe Tauern National Park includes a variety of additional fishing waters!

  • Schwarzach - ca. 7 km 
  • Troyeralmbach - ca. 6 km
  • Bruggeralmbach - ca. 2 km
Revier vom Naturhotel Tandler

Bait & types of fish


Types of fish

Our fishing waters are home to brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling, and occasionally char splendid specimens with a size between 40 and 50 cm are no rarity! The natural balance of our fishing waters is very important to us. Therefore, fly fishing in our area is allowed only without barbed hooks.


Bait for fly fishing

Fly fishing in our waters is only allowed without barbed hooks. For bait, only artificial flies and nymphs may be used. The fish that are caught must be gently returned to the water - catch & release.

Wellness and enjoyment – after fly fishing

Book your modern room in our 4* Naturhotel Tandler incl. half-board:

Fly fishing in Tandler's fishing area on YouTube

Hunting chamois, black grouse, and marmots

You can find more information about the hunting area and contact info at

Skifahren in St. Jakob im Defreggental, Osttirol


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